To be up-to-date with the contstant change of technology, we provide both traditional classroom courses and online courses.

All our teachers are fully qualified to teach their respective courses with years of experience.

We provide modern classrooms that provide better learning and takes into conideration the comfort of our students.

Who Are We?

At Quanta Educational Center, we aim to provide the best education possible and help students strenghthen their weak areas in the courses we provide.

We are the first and only educational center in Qatar that provides IGCSE, A-Level and UNIVERISTY courses. We have the best and extremely qualified teachers with years of experience to help provide students with the resources they need to achieve the highest grades possible.

Our Mission
To make sure that all students reach their full potential by providing class resources, facilities and teachers to challenge students and allow them to surpass their limits.
Our Vision
To become an organization known for its top class teaching and services and be a recognized part of the education system.
Our Values